Are Unmanned Ships the Future of the Shipping Sector?

There are lots of debates going on if the unmanned ships would be successful or not. If this is going to be safe to have robots managing ships instead of people.

With the studies underway, there are people that are thinking that this would be a great way to make shipping more affordable and to ensure that no lives are lost during sea accidents and shipwrecks. On the other hand, people are questioning the fact that machines won’t be able to repair ships at sea when equipment breaks down. So, this is still a debate that is going on.

Things to consider when machines are in charge of a cargo ship

There are many things that should be considered when machines are in charge of a cargo ship. Will the AI controlled machines be able to drive the ship through rough seas, especially during a heavy storm? What about when an engine on the ship breaks down and there isn’t anyone that can repair the ship.

Another thing that needs to be considered is the fact that there will be lots of job losses if machines are taking the place of humans on cargo ships. And, what will happen when the robot needs repairs? Who is going to manage the ship then?